***Please note: This is just a select listing of the many products we carry in store!***

Fresh Turkey

Robert's carries fresh turkeys from Woolwhich, Ontario and this is why!

Purchasing right from the farmer, ensures the highest level of quality control through all stages of production. This makes a big difference as the Turkeys are fed a very strict vegetarian diet so we can guarantee there is no animal bi-products being fed to these birds. Guaranteeing NO HORMONES or ANTIBIOTICS are being fed to these birds.

As a small, hands-on operation, they know how important it is for us to maintain the highest levels of quality. That’s why you can always rely on outstanding taste, freshness and nutrition to meet all health and safety standards. This farm located in Woolwhich, Ontario is literally 15 minutes from Robert's Fresh & Boxed Meats and only kill small batches of birds fresh every year for the holiday season. This guarantees you that your bird is as fresh as possible. The turkeys are freshly slaughtered and then delivered to Robert's!

Ontario Turkey

Other larger facilities produce prior to holiday season and chill their birds down to a near frozen state. They do this to produce larger amounts of turkeys prior to the season so they can keep up with demand. Tempering the birds back to a fresh state they are then delivered to store level and sold as fresh. At Robert’s we believe you should have only the freshest turkey for your family gathering.

Robert's guarantees you this will be one of the freshest and most tender turkeys you will have tried. Try our Farm fresh Woolwhich turkey for your family holiday!



Fresh turkey drumsticks. Turkey drumsticks are best known for their savory dark meat and crispy brown skin. Drumsticks are much easier to prepare than cooking a whole turkey, thus making them very useful in everyday cooking.


Turkey Roast

Maple Leaf turkey breast roasts are De-boned and come seasoned or stuffed with sage & onion; no waiste and 100% white breast meat.


Turkey Sausages

Hayter’s fresh turkey sausages are lean and an alternative to pork and beef; lower in fat this is a healthy choice; available in original, honey garlic, Italian.


Turkey Tenderloins

Hayter’s fresh turkey tenderloins come marinaded in wonderful flavors locking in all the juices a great alternative to chicken and a healthy choice.


Turkey Schnitzel

Hayter’s fresh turkey schnitzel is a great alternative to pork schnitzel; less fat and great flavor.


Turkey Burgers

Hayter’s turkey burgers are lean & juicy and provide an alternative to beef burgers.