***Please note: This is just a select listing of the many products we carry in store!***

Chicken Breasts

Purchasing chicken in todays time and age can be difficult. What to buy? Where to buy? Have you ever purchased chicken on sale brought it home and found it rubbery? Pink in the middle after cooking? Or just plain mushy? In todays market place less expensive chicken breasts are so highly pumped with water to drive the cost of the product down. How do you know the difference when purchasing? We suggest you check out the ingredient and nutritional information. Most frozen chicken breasts offered are 15-17% protein which indicate the product is pumped full of water. You can also check for ingredients such as sodium phosphate or soya protein or carrageenan. All these ingredients are added to help hold in all the water that was pumped into the chicken breast in the first place. Also check out the sodium content which will also be higher on pumped chicken breasts. Our Chicken breasts are top quality; compare our chicken.

  • 21% protein
  • Chicken, water, and sea salt are the only ingredients with only a little water added to ensure a moist chicken breast every time we think you will definitely notice the difference in quality.


21% Protein and low sodium; this product has been passed by the heart & stroke association. This chicken contains NO ADDITIVES such as sodium phosphates. Check our ingredient deck chicken, sea salt, water. A little water is added to ensure a nice plump chicken breast every time; however, it is not injected full of water which ruins the natural texture of the chicken breast and makes it difficult to cook. Roberts assures you top quality chicken breasts every time and offers this product in a 3kg box to guarantee you the best value. This is our #1 seller in the store.

Keep it safe! Remember, in order to prevent raw chicken or other raw meat juices on ready to eat foods keep it covered and separate. Try to keep it stored on the bottom shelf.

Never leave your chicken on the counter to thaw out! The chicken will have to remain on the counter too long before thawing out and since the air on the counter is warm (temperature danger zone for foods) bacteria can start growing.

Method 1:
Refrigerator, 5hrs per kg (safest way to thaw).

Method 2:
Microwave, The quickest way but the most difficult to find the proper thawing time. You should refer to your owners manual of your appliance before defrosting.

Method 3:
Cold Water, Another safe way to defrost your chicken is to consistently run cold water over it. Even if you are in a rush, never run warm water over the frozen chicken to thaw. Bacteria love the warm environments.

Never partially cook chicken, and then cook the rest at a later time. It is unsafe, and partially cooked chicken could start to grow bacteria and make you sick.


Plain Chicken Wings

This item is available at our store in a large 4 lbs bag! These are larger roaster wings so you get more meat for your money!!! Sauce they way you like them! Don’t forget your favorite sauce! We offer the original “buffalo wing sauce” which we highly recommend. There is approximately 25-30 wings per bag.


BBQ Chicken Wings

This item is available in a large 4.4lb bag in our chicken section. This product is fully cooked, just heat and serve!  Finger looking good with our saucy bbq sauce. Try out our Deli Roaster Wedges as a side to this product.


Honey Garlic Wings

This item is available in a large 4.4 lbs bag. A must try for any honey garlic lover! This product is fully cooked, just heat and serve and enjoy these saucy wings.


Breaded Chicken Wings

This item is available in a large 4.4lb bag. MILD & HOT This product is fully cooked, just heat and serve. Regular 7/16 strait and/or crinkle cut fries go well with this product. Would you like some dipping sauce? Check out our dry goods section chock full of various sauces.


Buffalo Chicken Wings

This item is available in a large 4.4 lbs bag. For anyone who desires a little bite to their chicken, this one’s for you! This product is fully cooked, just heat and serve. Some excellent sides to add would be cheesy garlic bread and country style wedges. These and many more sides can be found in our fries section!


Fajita Chicken

This item is available in a 2.2 lbs bag in our chicken section. This item is fully cooked and can be used for an array of different items. Try adding to your salad, or make some chicken fajitas. Or how about a nice stir-fry!? The options are endless, and since all the work is done for you, an excellent buy! A natural Chicken breast that has been fully cooked and julienne.


Chicken Nuggets

Try out our oven able breaded chicken nuggets. Made from 100% white meat and sold in a 2.2 lbs box. Would you like a dipping sauce? Check out our dry goods section chock full of an array of different sauces available in different style and sizes


Chicken Burgers

Made with 100% white meat; this lightly breaded burger is great value and is great on a bun instead of a hamburger; this product comes in a 2.2 lbs box.


Chicken Strips

Breaded chicken fingers available in a large 4.4 lbs bag. Made from 100% white meat with no msm. Each finger is the same size. Don’t forget your favorite dipping sauce; Robert’s carries a large variety.


Chicken Fingers

Breaded chicken breast strips; not formed 100% natural chicken breast lightly dusted. Sold  in a 4.4 lbs bag. Our #1 seller; cant beat the quality and price!


Chicken Balls

Lightly battered this 100% white meat chicken is great for entertaining or fantastic for those every day meals; treat the kids to Chinese for fractions of the cost; this product comes in a 4.4 lbs bag and we guarantee the best price in town.


Chicken Chunks

Sometimes known as boneless chicken wings this product is lightly battered and is pieces of boneless skinless chicken breast meat lightly battered. A great meal or appetizer; get yours at Robert's today!


Stuffed Chicken Breasts

Chicken breasts stuffed with garlic herbs (KIEV) or broccoli and cheese or ham and swiss cheese; just heat and serve and enjoy!


Breaded Chicken Breasts

These boneless skinless chicken breasts are lightly breaded making them perfect for on a bun as a schnitzel or try them with Swiss cheese and tomato sauce for a chicken Parmesan.