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***Please note: This is just a select listing of the many products we carry in store!***


We purchase the majority of our cheese from Saputo who owns Tavistock Cheese. The majority of our cheese comes from this plant. Supporting local is important to us!

  • Havarti cheese; jalapeno; herb, plain
  • Armstrong cheese melts
  • 4 year old cheddar
  • 5 lb blocks of old medium and marble cheese; buy bulk and save
  • Armstrong cheese snacks; perfect for lunch as they are individually wrapped and made from real not processed cheese
  • Baby bells; another perfect lunch snack 
  • “Blue de bres” brie cheese with blue cheese in the creamy middle
  • Bella lodi Italian parmesan cheese
  • Brie du matin creamy brie cheese
  • Tavistock cheese curds
  • Saputo cheese shreds
  • Store cut triple cream brie
  • Camembert cheese
  • Smoked gouda
  • Mont gleason cheese
  • Saputo natural cheese slices; Havarti; swiss, marble
  • Saputo parm petals
  • Limburger cheese
  • Saputo ricotta cheese
  • Tavistock cheese bars large family size 500g; old, medium, marble
  • Saputo boccocini
  • Saputo feta
  • Smoked cheddar
  • Stilton with cranberry
  • Somerdale sticky toffee cheese
  • Balderson cheese
  • Balderson cheese spread

5lbcheese armstrongcheesemelts Armstrong-cheese-snacks-300x175[1] babybel[1] Balderson_MediumCheddar[1] BALDERSONSPREAD bluedebresse briedumatin Brie-Portneuf_double_cream_naked[1] camembert-de-portneuf[1] CHEESECURDS FRICOSMOKEDGOUDA LIMBURGERCHEESE mont-gleason-meule[1] naturalcheeseslices parmigiano-reggiano-cheese-xl-55759250[1] PARMPETALS ricotta-emballage[1] Saputo_Feta_Sun_Dried_Tomatoes_prod[1] SAPUTOBOCCOCINI Shredded_CheddarMarbleShred_320_prod SMOKEDCHEDDAR SOMERDALE stiltonwcran tavistock-marble-cheese6


Cut & Wrapped Cheese Products

We carry a large variety of imported specialty cheeses. These specialty cheeses are cut and wrapped in-store and vacuumed sealed to provide a longer shelf life. Robert’s is always carrying new varieties so please be sure to check in our cheese section. Here are a few of our more popular items.

Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese 
Brie Portneuf Double Cream 
Smoked Cheddar Cheese 
Jalapeno Havarti 
Mont Gleason
  • Bel De Lodi real Aged Italian Parmesan
  • Alexi du port neuf double cream Brie cheese
  • Smoked Cheddar Cheese
  • Jalapeno Havarti Cheese
  • Mont Gleason Cheese

Packaged Tubs

Saputo Feta Sun Dried Tomatoes 
Saputo Bocconcini 
Saputo Parmesan 
Saputo Ricotta 
Saputo Asiago
We carry various tubs of cheese to help you with your salads or lasagna’s. From Feta’s to Parm petals to Asiago petals to Boccocinni to Ricotta.

Pre-Packaged Cheese

Capriny Pepper 
Blue Cheese Crumble 
Sliced Cheese 
Cheese Shreds 
Brie du Matin
We carry numerous pre-packaged cheese for all your needs. From shreds; to natural cheese slices to blue cheese crumble to goat cheese.
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