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***Please note: This is just a select listing of the many products we carry in store!**

Robert's Burgers

Great Grilling starts with a great Burger!
Whether you have friends or family over for a nice afternoon BBQ; or whether you are responsible for this years company BBQ. Everything starts with the right product. Robert’s provides many top quality burgers to best fit your needs!

Beef Burgers

Prime Rib Burger
Made from 100% quality Ontario Beef; lightly seasoned with real garlic & onion not powders to ensure great flavor. This burger won 2012 best frozen beef burger by the Ontario independent meat processors. Packaged 24 x 6oz.


Cowboy Burgers
These burgers are slightly seasoned and have a few breadcrumbs to lock in the flavor and have little shrinkage making them our best value. Packaged 12x4oz or 8x6oz.


Leadbetter’s Angus Patty
100% pure Angus beef with no fillers or additives and are nicely seasoned. Packaged 12 x 5oz.


Mmmmmm Burgers

Schneider’s Pre-Cooked Burgers
Fully cooked with grill marks; heat and serve for the perfect burger every time. Packaged 40 x 4oz.


Stemmler’s Burgers Stemmlers
Delicious beef burgers, turkey burgers and even lamb burgers. Packaged 12 x 4oz.


Leadbetter’s 100% Pure Beef Patties
Amazing and meaty 100% pure beef patties with no fillers and no binders! Packaged 36 x 4oz or 24 x 6oz.


European Meats Texas Burgers
27x6oz; lightly seasoned with only a slight amount of filler; this is one of our number one selling burgers!


MetzgerMetzger Meats Prime Rib Burger
18x6oz. 100% pure Canadian beef; this burger eats like a homemade patty.


Chicken BurgerChicken Burgers

Glacial Treasures Chicken Burgers
10x4oz or available in bulk 40x4oz

Turkey Burgers

Stemmlers Turkey Burgers

Watch for our many in store burger specials!

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