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***Please note: This is just a select listing of the many products we carry in store!***

We support local companies sourcing the leanest and best tasting products we can find!

Bulk Bacon

Bulk Bacon
We also carry a few varieties of food service 11 lbs bulk boxes of bacon for restaurants or institutions at wholesale pricing! They are not just for restaurants! You can also purchase your own freezer bags, package and freeze your own bacon at a fraction of the cost. Each box contains  fresh lean center-cut bacon. This bacon is naturally smoked, and not smoke flavor injected which guarantee’s a great flavor every time. Because the product is not heavily pumped it ensures less shrinkage than the #1 selling brands. As soon as you see this dry lean bacon at our unbelievable everyday price, it will become your #1 favorite.


Fresh Sliced Bacon
We carry a variety of bacons. We carry bulk 5 lbs and 11 lbs boxes as well as retail packaged bacons. Check our weekly in-store specials on sliced retail packs.


Metzger's Sliced Bacon

Metzgers Sliced Bacon

This is our best sliced bacon. Naturally smoked and dry cured there is no pump to this bacon and no additives check the ingredient deck. Fry a package up and see the difference for yourself, there is little shrinkage unlike the name brand bacon’s. Made with lean Ontario pork this is Roberts favorite bacon. Just like the old fashioned butchers bacon.


Metzgers Turkey Bacon
Ontario lean sliced meaty turkey bacon; little preservatives or additives; simply our very best bacon a healthier choice to sliced bacon.


Sliced Pemeal Bacon

Peameal Style Back Bacon

We carry various sliced and not sliced pemeal style back bacons to suit your needs. We offer FREE slicing on whole pieces of pemeal back bacon.


Back Bacon Sliced

Back Bacon Sliced
This product comes pre-sliced in 2.2/lb bags made by J.M. Schneider.


Leadbetters Fresh Smoked Bacon Ends
Great for salad, soups, pasta etc.


Fresh Whole Peameal
Sliced to your liking

Fresh Sliced Prepackaged Peameal Bacon

Fully Cooked Smoked Bacon Bits


And Much More Bacon Selections!!

  • Schneiders fully cooked sliced bacon 100 slices per package; just heat and serve no mess no fuss
  • Willys sliced bacon 500g packages
  • Bacon ends; all the slices that are not perfect; great to use for salads and in any dishes
  • English sliced bacon
  • Deli pemeal; ask for it to be sliced the way you like it by our deli staff at no extra charge
  • Deli bacon; you pick the piece then get it sliced by our deli staff to the thickness you like or take it whole

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