1601 River Rd E, Kitchener, ON N2A 3Y4 (Across from Chicopee)
tel: (519) 894-3800

Robert's Staff

Robert’s Quality Fresh Meats is located in the Chicopee Plaza in Kitchener, Ontario.

A few months prior to graduating from Conestoga College’s Business Administration – Marketing program, Robert Beausoleil took a job in sales at Schneider’s (completing his diploma requirements at night and subsequently graduating with a Marketing award). From there his passion for retail – meat in particular – led to the opening of Meats Galore (later renamed Robert’s Boxed Meats) where he has happily remained for the past 18 years, keeping energized through adapting to the needs of changing markets.

In the beginning, Robert’s was primarily a frozen boxed meats store, but has really been moving into the fresh side of the meat business, and adding more focus on Ontario. It’s this approach that led Robert to become an OIMP member. Already stocking product from OIMP members like Abate Packers, Springer’s Meats, Metzger Meats, Norpac, Hayter’s Turkey, Leadbetter’s, D&D Poultry, Finest Sausage & Meat, and Walnut Hill Farm, membership aligned nicely with Robert’s own vision.

Estimating about 90 per cent of the meat and poultry he sells is from Ontario; Robert continues to push the mark towards 100. And if it’s not Ontario, it has to be Canadian.


Robert Beausoleil

“If you’re going to talk the talk, you better walk the walk”

– Robert Beausoleil


One of OIMP’s first Retail Associate Members, Robert’s makes use of the Homegrown Ontario and OIMP Proud Member branding both in-store and in print advertising. “We’ve done radio ads and coupon books in past, but now our budget is spent on flyer covers. With a weekly delivery to 132,000 households in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, that and word of mouth keeps us very busy.”


“In-store we’re always sampling. I know the product is good, but people have to try it themselves,” says Robert, “And if I got a deal on it, I pass those savings along to my customers.”


Robert’s customers could be called frugal, but they do know good quality and demand it. The store online reviews, Robert admits to ‘occasionally’ perusing, show that his customers get it, and appreciate his work. “It feels good to get compliments, but that doesn’t stop us from always trying to improve and make things better.”

Come See Us!

Much of our success is due to the phenomenal staff here – some of whom have been here 16-17 years. Providing great service is important and going that step further is the norm at Robert’s.


“We cut whole muscle to order, we slice peameal and luncheon meat, we package the way they want it – all at no charge.”


In the end, it’s not about Robert’s; it’s about the people who walk through the door every day. You can’t put whatever you want on the shelf. It’s the customer who are spending their hard-earned money. Our job is to get the best price and quality and consistently deliver it to our valued customers – that’s our passion.

We’re happy when we can buy local and give our customers what they want.